Massive disturbing corruptions scandals hits KPA as Captain Ruto protects individual maked

Charles Kokut Koech who used to be a Gantry Crane Driver has frustrated workers, contractors and even his close friends, citing protection from the MD.

Shockingly the multiagency operations and a human rights lobby are also keen following up how self-imposed ‘Mr fix it’ Kokut’s promotion from HM3 to Hm1.

Our investigations reveal that he is using his cleaning companies to forcefully push through tenders, some of which cannot be done by the companies.

Shockingly the agencies are also investigating how he is clueless on mater leadership and handling sensitive issues, he has two assistants Dache Ricky and Dzengo Aza (formerly procurement officer) they also report to KPA MD.

Kokut made sure that he got his cleaning companies accommodated in the list.

A source who identified himself as Omar Dekoh said that Kokut collects money from suppliers and contractors with the ploy to link them to the MD all to no avail.

The source claims they have teamed up with other concerned people to write to investigative agencies over the matter.

“He doesn’t care, he has no morals, that is why we are now writing to EACC and DCI, we have his pictures and recordings on how he extorted from us huge amounts of money.” He says

He also added that Port MD captain William Ruto and board of directors are doing tremendous job but only being misled by a few ‘cartel-workers’

“The MD and board of directors are doing great work. Actually we’re very proud of them. But we will not seat and watch a few characters destroy our good name or that of the parastatal.” He added

According to documents in our possession, it indicates that Kokut instigated the removal of officers identified as  Osman and Mobe from the board to clear the way for uncontrolled access since the two wanted things done the right way.

KPA board of directors are very keen on escalating corruption allegations, some staff have been put on notice and consequence measures might be taken.

The board members are Njoki Maina, Musa Osman, Emmanuel Kibet, Consolata Lusweti and Lucas Maitha.

It’s chairman is former Kinango MP Benjamin Dalu Tayari.

Another officer Eveline Shigholi was accused of instigating the transfer of an officer whom she believed was standing in her way of looting public resources.

Shigholi worked cleverly to ensure the transfer of able and well informed Dan Omuyansi to the marketing department.

Shigholi is also in war with another officer Jeniffer Njiru who was seconded from Kenya Ferry as manager procurement, Shigholi now boasts and says that even if Jeniffer involves deputy president Rigathi Gachagua she is not shaken and has prime cabinet secretary Musalia Mudavadi in her protection.

The insider said that Shigholi and Kokut collect huge amounts of money from suppliers and contractors to safeguard their own interests at the Port and send the same to their master  in Nairobi.

According to their report from multi agency operations the two and other staff are marked and are on detectives radar.

“Those officers are rotten, we are trailing their assets keenly and even other assets that are not in their name but greatly involved.” An insider source  added

Officers at the port have been minting millions of money from suppliers and contractors for issuance of contracts despite President William Ruto’s command that no state agency should be involved in corruption.

Investigative authorities are now after the dealings of specific junior officers with Koech,Shigoli among them.

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Last week, media reports prominently linked principal Security Investigations James Kyalo for looting millions of shillings in the Bio-annual contract Electrical tender where every willing bibber had to part with Sh, 1.5 million.

James is believed to have walked home with over Sh50 million with insider sources indicating that he has made it a norm to extort and make millions from unsuspecting suppliers.