Medical staff in Kisii vow starve Nduru Hospital of services over ‘unrest’

Various medical union officials from Kisii Friday ordered doctors, nurses and clinicians working at Nduru Level Five Hospital in South Mugirango to begin leaving their stations of work over safety concerns.

The order follows the attack on medical staff sent to pick a medical equipment from the facility Wednesday afternoon.

At least five medical staffers were injured during the incident in which the residents, in hundreds, overan the facility protesting transfer of a medical equipment outside the Sub-County.

Several cars among them one on which the said equipment was to be loaded on was also smashed at the parking lot.

Stones hurled by goons into the hospital during the violent skirmishes also damaged part of the World Bank funded healthy facility.

On Friday the medical union officials said the raids on a health facility bore the hall mark of politically hooliganism.

“The Hospital environment is supposed to to be a place of healing not a battleground for political supremacy battles between various protagonists ,” said Lazurus Obwoge, chair Kenya Clinicians Union chair in a joint statement.

Obwoge said there was nothing wrong in the transfer of the equipment to save lives elsewhere because it was idle anyway. .

” The borrowing of the anesthesia machine was within the governing sound provision of health care services. This was communicated officially through the Chief Officer to the Sub-County, so everything was being done in a fair and transparent manner,”, Obwoge told journalists outside Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital morgue.

The union officials termed the act of politicians using goons to square out their wars within hospital settings as immoral.

” It was shocker to learn that a mob was mobilized to attack the staff sent to pick the equipment. Even more sickening was to hear them singing songs praising some area politician who had sent them,” stated Obwoge.

The union officials said they have monitored the level of insecurity in hospitals in the region and now want security agencies to intervene.

” We especially want to know who is funded the goons, “, he said.

The equipment was being hauled to a hospital in Nyaribari Chache where one similar machine had run down.

They asked security agencies to speed up investigation and arrest the culprits even as they pushed area political leadership to come out and condemn the incident

Obwoge said the move to ask the medical staff to withdraw from Nduru would stand until the government guarantees them security.

The statement was also signed by KMPDU branch secretary Dr Aggrey Orwenyo, Victor Orwenyo, branch Secretary and Kenya Union of clinical officers.

Others were Bernard Mariari, Kenya National of Union of Medical Laboratory Officers, Denis Bosire, Kisii Branch chair Kenya Health Professional Society and Moses Rianga, Branch Secretary Kenya National Union

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