MP Atandi urges Orengo to ignore dissidents in his government

Alego Usonga lawmaker Samuel Atandi has told Siaya County governor James Orengo to ignore disgruntled characters in his government and focus on service delivery to the people.

The MP was speaking against the backdrop of the friction that has been witnessed between Orengo and his deputy William Oduol.

Atandi dismissed the assertion by some elders in the county that there is need to entrench peace in the governance of the devolved unit if development is to come by.

The lawmaker said that those who are making making noise are politicians who have been denied an opportunity to loot from the county coffers.

“Five years are not enough. If you are a governor who would want to look back at noisemakers then you might not reach your destination,” Atandi said.

He continued: “We are politicians. As such, it is expected that some noise must be made”.

The second-term MP lauded Orengo for initiating development projects amid the caccaphony of noise.

He hailed Orengo for launching the Ksh60 million Siriwo Rice Milling Plant in Usonga ward.

“The farmers of Usonga have had their rice processed in Uganda. This is a big milestone that will ensure that Usonga rice is processed locally and supplied in the region to benefit our people to the optimum,” Atandi said.

The MP expressed confidence in the ability of Orengo and his cabinet to deliver development to the people.

Atandi was speaking when he inspected the reconstruction of Rambo Primary School in the cnstituency.

The school’s roof had been blown off by a destructive storm a few days ago.

In the same breadth, Atandi called on the people of Siaya not to join the ruling United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party which is currently being dangled to them.

Last week, the UDA brigade led by Secretary General Cleophas Malala, Transport CAS Nicholas Gumbo and Ugunja politician Oyugi Dor led a massive party popularisation and members recruitment drive in Gem Constituency.

“Our people must know that UDA is for crooks who have been defeated to steer the country. The price of food is high and the government incorporates ‘two people’ only,” he claimed.

“(Former Nairobi governor Evans) Kidero and Gumbo have been given bones. We do not deserve to lick bones,” Atandi said figuratively.

The MP called on the people of Luo Nyanza to treat UDA with the contempt that it deserves.


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