NEW SCANDAL ALERT: Maono Lands Boss Kinyua Wa Iratu has gospel artist nudes amid land scandals

More revelations reaching our desks this evening shows that Kinyua Wa Iratu who doubles as Maono Lands Limited CEO has some Nude Photos of a gospel musician in his mobile phone gallery.

In a new social media posts in our possessions and which  we have managed to convert into swahili from the Agikuyu language,  a certain Kenyan has now given him 24hours for him to apologise for taking a certain musician’s Nude photos or she spills the beans.

” Wairatu you live a lie, you better break your legs and get nude photos of a female gospel artist, why are you hiding those nudes in your phone, you have finished conning people land hence decided to venture into nudes photos?” The source posed a question to him.

See the Kikuyu post.


Iratu has been blaming inline writers for exposing him but this post has now exposed him more.

In recent case, he has been exposed for defrauding people millions in fake land deals.

He has been captured on videos failing to explain why his business is not a lie.

Experts have warned Kenyans from dealing with him.

Efforts to reach him for comment was now successful as he failed to receive our call because he was offline.




More to follow….