PACJA CEOJoseph Mithika Mwenda named among 100 most influential people on matters of climate change

The Co-Founder and Executive Director of Pan African Climate Justice Alliance Mithika Mwenda, has been named among 100 top most influential individuals in the world for 2022/23 year period and as a climate change hero.

Mithika was mentioned alongside other African leaders among them President William Ruto and Mr.Adesina who is the President of African Development bank among others.

They were named by historically Dr. Mwenda has been named for the second time as the most influential person thanks to his good track records of fighting against evils associated with climate .

For instance In March 20, 2019 Dr Mwenda was named among the “World’s 100 Most Influential People in Climate Change Policy 2019 by the same foundation, the

According to our sources, the consummate climate change activist, Mithika has over the years guided the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance into a powerful network of over 1000 African organisations that seek to influence climate change policies at national and global levels, and make them more equitable and pro-poor.

From only a few countries at founding, with membership drawn namely in Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Sudan and Nigeria, the Alliance has now expanded into 51 of the 54 African countries, challenging and engaging governments, regional and sub regional bodies on matters of climate change policies.

Through engaging in research, advocacy and campaigns, Mithika’s PACJA has influenced a number of policies in many African governments, the Pan African Parliament and at the African Union.

Through its influence, and by working through designated national platforms, PACJA has seen governments enact climate change Acts.

PACJA has grown to be a go institution for a number of global entities such as the World Bank, the UN, International NGOs, as well as regional bodies such as the African Union among others.

The Foundation has acknowledged his strong advocacy expertise in encouraging politicians in the global north to support environmentalist efforts in the global south., a private community for public servants and policymakers created to help solve this problem, endowed with Apolitical stock options.

Among other notable African climate activists named include Agnes Kalibata is agricultural scientist and policymaker who is currently president of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, and former Rwanda’s minister of agriculture and animal resources, Vanessa Nakate of Uganda Known for the first Ugandan school strike activist and founder of Youth for Future Africa , Opha Pauline Dube, a world-renowned environmental change specialist and professor in Botswana. Then there is Mahama Kappiah is the Executive Director of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

President William Ruto was named after his global efforts and his massive plan of planting 15billion trees in 10 years