Oil Marketing Companies Flock Nakuru KPC Depot For Faster Loading

Oil Marketing Companies from Nairobi and other parts of the country are opting to fill their tankers at the Nakuru Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) Depot after the installation of an ultra-modern bottom loading facility.

KPC Managing Director, Joe Sang said the preference by OMCs was a significant demonstration that the investments the company was making are geared towards improving our business performance and enhanced customer experience.

He said customers will benefit immensely from the bottom loading facility as it will speed up the loading process and reduce waiting time.

He observed that the bottom loading facility was a significant improvement for the company and its customers with a huge impact with its first month of operationalisation.

Speaking during the facility’s commissioning which was officiated by Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Minister, Davis Chirchir, Sang said bottom loading services had accrued revenues of more than Sh70 million a month.

“Bottom loading offers a more efficient and safer way to load petroleum products, reduces the risk of spills while at the same time minimising the chance of accidents,” he said.

The MD noted that the facility would help in effectively monitoring and controlling loading because it ensures the accurate quantity of fuel is transferred and eliminates any contamination that may occur when using the traditional top-loading method.

“KPC is continuously looking for ways to improve our operations and the bottom loading facility is an example of how the company is embracing technology to enhance our efficiency and customer service,” he said.

CS Chirchir said the government was encouraging the adoption of innovative ways including the latest technology in service provision.

“KPC has been heavily investing and applying new technologies to enhance efficiency and the bottom loading facility is an important improvement for the petroleum sector as it eliminates the need for personnel to climb to the top of the truck to load fuel, reducing the risk of falls, and minimizing the chance of spills and accidents,” he said.

Chirichir said the facility also promotes environmental sustainability by reducing the loss of petroleum products during loading process therefore safeguarding natural resources and ensuring a clean, healthy environment for future generations.

He added that while the government strived to ensure lower cost of petroleum products and security of supply through initiatives such as gravitational force, the facility would boost efficiency of petroleum product distribution by reducing waiting time and improving truck turnaround time.

“This improvement will be felt across the supply chain, extending to the end consumer who will receive their fuel faster,” he added.

He said the installation at the Nakuru Depot is a testament to the Ministry’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the energy and petroleum industry