Opposition to Ruto: Do you support your deputy’s anti-dialogue remarks?

A section of opposition politicians on Thursday asked President William Ruto to make it known whether he supports anti-dialogue remarks by his deputy Rigathi Gachagua or not.

Led by party leaders Eugene Wamalwa (Democratic Action Party – DAP-K), Mwangi wa Iria (Usawa) and George Wajackoya (Roots), the politicians argued that it would be a waste of time to sit for the bi-partisan talks without the president’s goodwill.

The leaders were speaking during the 1st Anniversary celebration of the life of Mama Hellen Ojow in Kubar, Alego Usonga Constituency.

Wamalwa recounted that it was President Ruto who had on April 2, 2023 respectfully implored the opposition to opt for dialogue instead of street protests.

“We are asking you, William Ruto, it is you who requested that there be dialogue but your deputy is opposing it. Let Ruto tell Kenyans wether he stands for dialogue or with his deputy who is opposing dialogue,” Wamalwa said.

It is ironical, Wamalwa added, that even Gachagua himself had at some point claimed that street demos were causing destruction of property and that dialogue was a best means to dispute resolution.

“Mister Gachagua had asked the opposition to stop street demos claiming that they were leading to destruction of property but now he (Gachagua) is saying that he doesn’t want talks. What then does he want?” asked Wamalwa.

The bi-partisan talks are expected to resume tomorrow at the Bomas of Kenya.

The opposition brigade is led by Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka whereas the government side is led by National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichungwa.

On his part, Wa Iria claimed that Gachagua is just but one politician from Central Kenya whose views are not representative of the aspirations of the people from that region.

“Ruto, should by himself, state whether he is in support of the sentiments of his deputy. We want the talks to continue to find solutions to the challenges of the people, ” Wa Iria reiterated Wamalwa’s assertion.

Wa Iria added that if at all the talks are not welcome by the State then like-minded citizens will begin the process to secede.

“Kenya is ten times the size of Rwanda. Rwanda is like the size of central Kenya. We can divide it so that everyone can stay wherever s/he wants”.

Former Presidential candidate Wajackoya lambasted Gachagua saying that is causing disunity in the government.

“You contradict things that Ruto says. What is wrong with you, Gachagua?” Wajackoya quipped.

Wajackoya continued: “Unless Ruto is sending you deliberately then something is wrong with you”.

The three leaders were accompanied by Siaya County Youth Coordinate and former North Ugenya MCA Fredrick Opang’a.

Opang’a noted that he together with other grassroot leaders are very ready and willing to mobilize the people to agitate for their rights anytime that they may be called upon by the Azimio brigade.