Patiala Distillers company in court to challenge KEBS decision of suspending its operation, cites massive reasons

Patiala Distillers company has finally moved to court to challenge the decision by KEBS to suspend production of two of its nine brands; The Diamond Ice and Flying Horse.

In an application by Lawyer Danstan Omari, the company says KEBS decided to with immediate suspend the Standardization Mark Permit numbers 26666, 27247 and 27253 permits that it issued to them.

The lawyer argues that the suspension puts over 6000 workers on the verge of unemployment.

He added that suspension was executed in bad faith and total disregard of the principle of fair hearing as not summons was issued to answer for the allegations.

“It is appalling and unreasonable that the suspension notice was effective immediately. The same did not consider the plight of many Kenyans who rely on the Applicant to feed and sustain themselves and their families,” reads court documets seen by our team.

They argue that the action is unreasonable as it fails to appreciate that the company was a source of livelihood to over 6000 Kenyans in its production and distribution chain.

They said the company pays the government of Kenya through KRA an estimate of Kshs 1.2 billion.

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