Vibrant city lawyer Omari threatens to sue Mt.Kenya politicians who led to destruction of Patiala company distillers products worth millions

Patiala company distillers has intimated they will sue  Mathira member of parliament and senator for destroying their products that were led by the police.

Patiala through lawyer Danstan Omari, say that their products are fit for human consumption.
According to Patiala the products meet all the requirements under the constitution.

In a letter addressed to IPOA ,the company says the events of 21 at February were lawless and unwarranted .

At the same time Kenya Bureau of Standard says it has received complaints and directed the company to suspend the manufacturing of three of its products.

A move that to he company says it’s in bad faith since all their products are manufactured and

Mp Erick Wamumbi and senator Wahome Wamatiga led residents and destroyed bottles of alcohol.

They claim that the products are not fit for human consumption.