Rider dies, houses torched as bodaboda faction fights escalate in Kisii

Police foil torching of Fred Nunda, faction boss ‘home

One rider reportedly injured during bodaboda faction skirmishes Monday in Kisii has died.

Doctors said his situation begun deteriorating Tuesday noon before he succumbed at 2.00 in the evening .

“He had lost too much blood when he checked in,” said Dr Oimeke Marita, the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital boss.

The patient, he said, was put on ventilator when he was brought in late Monday.

The death quickly s sparked a new wave of more revenge attacks.

The deceased was among the five riders injured in violent confrontations when the factions squared it out Monday evening at Nyanchwa area.

By Tuesday evening, there was an escalation of violence after goons on bikes raided the home belonging to Vincent Nyariki, the Secretary General, of the rival bodaboda group and set it ablaze.

Nyariki was said to be away when the raid occured but his wife and children were.

They, howeve, r escaped into the neighboring villages as the goons broke into the compound minutes 6 PM Tuesday.

John Onchomba, a resident, said the thugs vandalized everything on site before torching the house.

“They did not take anything, they were interested in revenge,” Onchomba said by phone.

Nyariki is associated with Fred Nunda faction whose house at Nyamokenye area in Bomchari was targeted.

The quick arrival of police foiled the destruction.

By night fall, skirmishes continued to be reported at various stages in downtown Kisii with ugly scenes especially witnessed outside the Navas Supermarket stage.

Here, a witness said a riotous mob smashed several bodabodas suspected to belonging to the rival groups. .

More to follow

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