Rogue lawyer Joel Kyatha Mbaluka locked up in police cells for defiling his daughter

A Famous  city lawyer was yesterday night arrested on allegations that  defiling his children and house-help contrary to the sexual offences act.

The advocate who is an associate of   Mbaluka and CO. Advocates and his offices located near City Hall, this writer can reveal is Joel Kyatha Mbaluka.

According to our investigative verified probe, Kyatha, who was previously a director at a state regulatory board, took five of his 11 children for a medical check up on Tuesday evening at the MP Shah hospital.

While there, he requested that three of the kids; a boy and two girls undergo HIV and gonorrhea tests.

Doctors, as is required asked Kyatha if he had reported the defilement cases to the authorities. He apparently could not give believable answers prompting the medics to call the cops on him.

Parklands Police officers were there in minutes, considering the proximity to the health facility.

While being examined, the boy who is adopted told the doctor that their “uncle” on various occasions defiled them.

Kyatha, who is also notorious for forging court documents, was placed under arrest. The matter, we understand is being handled by the DCI.

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According to Gigiri OCPD Richard Muguai, the suspect is in their custody and will soon be taken to court.

“The matter has been taken over by the DCI headquarters. The only thing we are doing so far is having the suspect within our custody,” Mr Muguai told the daily, adding that this is a sensitive matter.

The advocate could face life imprisonment.

After receiving treatment at the facility, they were transferred to Anti-Human Trafficking Child Protection Unit in South B.