Somali Woman in court to seek orders barring mother from forcefully marrying her to a man she dislike

Somali woman has moved to court seeking to stop her mother from forcefully marrying her off to a man she does not love.

Amina Ali sheikh has sued her mother halima aden seeking for court protection against her and others who have been forcing her to get married.

Through lawyer Yashim Butende, Amina claims that the situation is so bad to the extent that she even checked her into a mental facility lying that she is mentally ill.

According to court records, Amina says she ha been under physical assault and abuse occasioned by her mother who has ill-motive and selfish desire of marrying her off contrary to her believe and choice.

She says she was informed by their housekeeper that her mother was planning to forcefully marry her off which prompted her to pack her two boxes with her belongings and vanished.

Amina says she almost didn’t make it out of the house as her neighbours, stepfather and mother ganged up to try and stop her but she managed to get away.

“The mother and a group of certain neighbors who wanted to marry her off hired a group of Rendile young men whose job included detaining the Applicant and monitoring her movement,” reads court documents.

She managed to get away despite the hostility of the hired men and ran away to Ngong.

She managed to get help from Amnesty international but her mother got know where she was and went to arrest her.

“The mother reported her as missing, occasioning the police showing up at the place where she was seeking refuge, picked her up and escorted her to Lang’ata Police station,” reads court documents.

She was not charged but instead she was handed over to her mum who placed a rehabilitation center with false information that she was mentally incapacitated.

The mother took her to a rehabilitation center in Eastleigh with the desired result of impeding her movements and expression, that she was held in Al mustaqim rehabilitation center where she was taken after being kidnapped and held there until the BBC documentary was released.

Amina says she is living fear and mental anguish as a result of several men consistently following her with the intention to abduct her to marry her off as per the wishes and selfish desires of the mother