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The Day the DPP rescued scandalous Lawyer Spencer in a forgery Fraud Case

Contraversial scandal hit Lawyer Guy Elms Spencer had just been charged with forging a will with the intention to defraud a multi-million parcel of land.

The DPP had himself approved the charges giving a go ahead for him to be charged and he was charged in court ( check the Video Link).

Spencer had been charged with forging a will to defraud land but he denied the charges.

The land was a multi-million parcel of land and had beeninked to Agness Kagure.

” The DPP must have acted may be from orders from above, it happened so quickly that made it difficult for someone to trust the process,” said a city lawyer.

So far, Kenyamiror is investigating the circumstances in which the case was withdraw.
We shall update the rots if any in oneonth time.

The DPP withdrew the charge saying he found new evidence, and which dented the case

A businesswoman later moved to the High Court to quash a decision by the Director of Public Prosecutions to withdraw forgery charges against lawyer Guy Elms Spencer.

In an application filed under certificate of urgency, Agnes Kagure through Osundwa & Company Advocates, wants the court to quash the entire decision made on March 20, directing the withdrawal of the criminal case.

Kagure says she wrote to the DPP on March 28 asking for reasons and documents in support of their decision to withdraw the case. “On April 1 and 13, the applicant again renewed the request for reasons from the DPP this time under Article 35 of the Constitution citing the right to information but to date, there is no response from the respondents,” the court documents state.

She says the magistrate’s ruling and the DPP’s action have infringed on her rights.

She adds that the court and DPP relied on evidence not presented in court to arrive at a decision and they willfully disregarded a plethora of other evidence in the matter which could have sustained the case.

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