Wetangula To Raila: It’s Time To Write The Final Chapter Of Your Legacy

National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula has urged Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance coalition leader Raila Odinga to stop the Maandamano protests, accept the outcome of last year’s presidential election and focus on building his legacy.

According to Wetangula, by leading the Azimio demos Raila is allegedly reneging on his word to respect the Supreme Court ruling that upheld President William Ruto’s victory at the August polls.

Wetangula spoke on Saturday during a thanksgiving service organised by 40 churches in Silungai Primary School in Malava constituency, Kakamega County.

“Relax, my brother; you went to court and the verdict was that you did not win. You said you did not accept the verdict but you would respect it. What you are doing now is the complete opposite of what you promised. You should be now writing the final chapter of your legacy.”

He correspondingly urged Raila to be introspective and avoid being led to a ‘cul-de-sac’, since the Azimio protests would allegedly go nowhere.

Wetangula likewise slammed Raila for accusing foreign missions in Kenya of partisanship on matters democracy.

The opposition chief on Friday said the condemnation by U.S Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman of the violence meted on journalists by police officers during Thursday protests was welcome but that she willingly chose to leave out the brutal attack on him and the entire Azimio team.

“Don’t make too many enemies at the same time…Ruto, now ambassadors… leave ambassadors alone. They are friends of the country,” said Wetangula.

The National Assembly Speaker added that it is the responsibility of leaders to ensure the country is peaceful, adding that is why he spoke up when former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Northlands farm was invaded.

“Property must be respected,” he said.

He similarly urged Uhuru to call a halt to the maandamano protests in his capacity as Azimio chairman.

“You are the only retired President who is currently still alive. You should be the number one elder statesman in Kenya who can call the country to order when things are going wrong,” said Wetangula.

“Why are you maintaining a conspiracy of silence?” he posed.

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