Why LSK Eric Theuri may lose his seat to a strong candidate if any

LSK president Eric Theuri during an interview.

LSK president Eric Theuri during an interview.
Image: FILE

Some lawyers are not impressed how current President Erick Theuri has ran the LSK .

This comes after others accused him of sideshows with issues that don’t seem to help the advicates in Kenya.

” He is a President who likes sideshows, he has not taken our issues at heart but seems to concentrate in unnecessary things, this may cause him in the upcoming elections,” said a prominent city lawyer.

Three months ago, a City  lawyer called for the impeachment of  the   Law Society of Kenya President Eric Theuri impeached for not showing up in the case seeking to nullify the appointment of NIS Director Noordin Haji.

Lawyer Lempaa Suyianka wrote to the LSK members of his intention to pass a vote of no confidence on Theuri for not showing up for the aforementioned case.

“A resolution is hereby passed that by refusing to enter the appearance of the Society in Petition 11 of 2023 Katherine Cherotich Versus Noordin Haji and others, Theuri has violated his oath of office as the President of LSK,” the motion reads.

Lempaa said that  he intented to  move the motion for the president’s impeachment during the special general meeting on Saturday, July 21, 2023.

He also wanted  a resolution passed at the meeting to compel LSK to enter an appearance on behalf of the society in the said petition.

He claimed that Theuri was compromised by the then DPP and therefore failed in his duty to represent the LSK in the matter.

The city lawyer said that the petitioner in the matter had accused Haji of withdrawing high profile corruption cases making him unsuitable to assume office as NIS director.

Lempaa further claimed that according to one of the dailies Theuri and the entire council were summoned by Haji and taken to State House where they abandoned their quest for an explanation of the withdrawal of cases by the DPP.

“The Law Society of Kenya mandate cannot be sacrificed by Theuri at the altar of personal expediency,” he said