A press briefing by Police IG Japhet Koome on Sunday, March 26.

The police are conducting investigations into the deaths recently reported in Kasarani Constituency, Nairobi.

In a press briefing on Sunday, Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome said police will investigate each case, to establish whether they are murder or suicide cases.

The death cases, which have recently been reported in Kasarani include that of Jeff Mwathi (February 23), Brenda Kawira (February 21) and Joseph Kubende (March 23).

The police IG now says that police will head to court to seek orders to exhume one of the bodies

 “There is one case we shall go to court for exhumation. We are told the victim jumped from an apartment, but we are looking at the area. We need to have that body exhumed, look at the dimensions. We are doing thorough investigations, including exhumation since the victim has been buried,” Koome said.

Citizen Digital understands that both Brenda Kawira and Jeff Mwathi, who both died in Kasarani, have been buried. It however not clear which of the two bodies police now seek to exhume.

In Mwathi’s case, DCI detectives who took over the case from Kasarani police believe he was killed before being thrown from the apartments’ rooftop.

For Brenda, Kasarani police say that DCI is investigating the case and will determine if it was a murder or suicide.

On the other hand, the body of Joseph Kubende, a political mobiliser who also died after falling from the fourth floor of an apartment in Kasarani is yet to be buried and police are investigating the incident. Preliminary reports indicate that Kubende was alone in the house during the incident.

The family has vowed not to continue with burial plans until the matter is fully investigated.

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