IG Koome On Azimio Protests: I Will Deal With Anyone Planning To Cause Chaos Tomorrow

The Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome has issued a stern warning against those planning to cause chaos during Monday’s planned anti-government protests by the Azimio la Umoja coalition.

Speaking with finality on Sunday, IG Koome affirmed that nobody with the intent to cause chaos will be allowed into the city center and also be barred from leaving their respective residential estates.

The police boss affirmed that security teams are well prepared for the protest and that they will not be lenient on any person found armed with “offensive weapons” including stones, machetes, and rungus.

“We have visitors from many foreign nations and we will not allow anything to happen in our capital city. Everyone has the right to go into the city center,” he said.

He added: “I have a mandate to ensure that I protect lives and property and I am very good at that. I will not sleep on the job.”

“Whichever level or status you have in society. I have enough land cruisers to take you away to jail and be there for a lifetime.”

IG Koome went on to add that his team will ensure there is calm in the CBD, assuring Kenyans of safety as they report to their respective workplaces.

“We are ready as the police to ensure that there is calm in the entire country starting with Nairobi. Every Kenyan should go on with their work tomorrow. Ours is to ensure that every corner of this country is secure and safe. This is our country and I would urge all of us to be proud to be Kenyans.”

He also dismissed the motive behind the protest, which is to censure the government against the high cost of living, noting that the protests are fully politically motivated and should be politically solved instead of wreaking havoc in the nation.

— Citizen TV Kenya (@citizentvkenya) March 26, 2023 

This lies on the backdrop of a turned-chaotic-protest that was witnessed last Monday, where several persons were injured, one shot dead and colossal amounts of property destroyed in the CBD.

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