Arati says graft fast dwindling with reforms

Kisii Governor Simba Arati Wednesday said efforts by his administration to exorcize ghosts of graft were now bearing fruits.

He said he has already managed to seal loopholes of sleaze thus helping save millions of the tax payers money from thieves.

“Revenue is now doubling in some of these departments which is a good a sign that whatever we had begun to do is bearing fruits. The angels we spoke about when i came to office are now happy ,” Arati stated.

The County boss said he found a wobbly and dithering health sector that was about to collapse.

” The doctors were crying, they did not have machines, this facility was collecting Sh 47 m against the Sh 170 million plus we are doing now .

“We are on the way up to perfect things and am sure anybody who may take after me will find things a bit better ,” Arati told journalists.

The Governor was speaking at the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital where he also received, as donation from Kibosi Health Foundation, medical equipment worth millions of shillings.

He sauti the national government has finally agreed to release funds meant for the construction of the cancer center in Kisii.

The facility will gobble up Sh billion donated from the Saudi government.

” Am happy we have made substantive progress on the matter and possibly in two year’s time the facility will be a reality,” Arati stated.

The 300 bed capacity Mother and Child Hospital constructed by the former administration would be operationalised soon, he said .

Construction works at the Doctors Plaza are also in their final stages and the Plaza will be opened soon, Arati said.

“It is envisioned that it will accommodate more specialists who help in handling emergency care for patient with unique challenges,” he said

He also said salary delays for doctors has been being worked on and there were no unnecessary delays sparking protests .

“When i came in they were not receiving pay on time. We went ahead and talked to Equity Bank and now even when money is not released on time our staff are assured of receiving at leased two months pay in advance as the lender awaits funds from Treasury,” he said.

Arati said his administration will soon roll out a digitized salary payment system which would not only improve manage staff well but also aid in weeding out ghost staff.

He vowed his commitment to improve health service delivery in the country adding that service delivery in other sectors would also be scaled up.

Kibos Health Foundation boss Ambrose Kibosi was accompanied by doctors from Canada, India and Singapore.

“I have already extended a welcome gesture to some of these doctors who accompanied to come and work with us,” Arati said.

He announced plans to blot out a 1000 plus ghost staff from the County payroll system by the end of the month.

“They will not receive any pay until they satisfy us with explanations as to where they are workouts or assigned duties,” the County boss said.

Kibosi said he will continue partnering with the County in its efforts to improve medical services in the region.

Separately, over 120 women groups in Masige West have been urged to diversify their investments using from funds being extended to them.

Speaking at a fundraiser Tuesday at Riyabo area in Bobasi, County first lady May Simba, Assembly Deputy Speaker Jacob Bagaka, observed ,the women will no longer engaged in any economical small scale activities.

They women wereencouraged to go commercial and if possible form a Sacco.

Proceeds from the enterprises will also enable the group members to meet pressing family commitments including school fees for their children, Bagaka said .

Kisii county assembly Minority leader, Denis Ombachi who is also the MCA for Marani pledged to support and nurture the women in their activities.

He,however,advised them to work closely with the governor, Simba Arati if they wanted to succeed.

Ombachi invited the group to do bench-marking in other areas with view to improving their activities.