El Tuerto: Inside the life of serial killer Diego Casavona

Diego Casavona (Maip, 1980), often known as El Matapresos in the media, is an Argentine prisoner and serial murderer who rose to fame after it was discovered that he had killed five inmates in his facility between 2006 and 2016.

Casanova has been behind bars since 2004 for killing an older person during a heist while also killing six other people.

According to experts, he is a very dangerous prisoner who exhibits “manipulative” behavior.

Early Life

Little is known about his life before he was arrested.

It is known that he was born in 1980 in the city of Maip, in the province of Mendoza.

He liked the soccer team Club Deportivo Maip.

People in his area, who called him “Gordo Picur,” say he started committing crimes very young.

He got arrested in 2004 for stealing but was freed a few weeks later.

Diego Casavona Put to Jail

Later that same year, he would be put in jail again, but this time for killing someone during a heist.

Because of this, he was sentenced to 20 years in jail.

In April of 2012, another prisoner stabbed him in the left eye, causing him to lose it.

Diego Casavona the one-eyed man

Since then, he has also been called “El Tuerto” (the one-eyed man).

His behavior behind bars is horrible, according to workers and other prisoners.

He has been in more than 67 fights and riots and has made other big mistakes.

Experts have said he is selfish and manipulative, which is why he lives on anti-anxiety drugs.

If he doesn’t take them, he becomes violent and wants to attack people for no reason.

After killing his partner in his sleep in 2016, he lives in a cell by himself, away from the other inmates.

People say that the other prisoners live in fear knowing that they share a cell with him.

Diego Casavona Victims

Francisco Quevedo

Diego Casanova and an accomplice broke into a Maipu, Mexico house on October 14, 2004, to steal money.

Casanova stabbed the owner, 67-year-old Francisco Quevedo when he woke up.

After the murder, he and his accomplice placed Quevedo’s body on the couch facing the door with a blanket in his lap to avoid suspicion.

A 12-year-old girl reported this movement to authorities.

Later that day, Casanova was arrested and condemned to 20 years in Boulogne Sur Mer jail.

Diego Ferranti, Gerardo Gómez

Diego Ferranti and Gerardo Gómez were transported to Boulogne Sur Mer prison to safeguard them before testifying about the riot.

On June 17, 2006, one day after arriving in Boulogne Sur Mer, they were found dead, wrapped in blankets, and stabbed.

Diego Casanova and four associates killed the two, but it is unclear why.

Casanova and three others received life sentences.

Joaquín Cruz

José Manuel Cruz was arrested for beating a nightclub couple.

Casanova killed him on November 27, 2006, after a month in Boulogne Sur Mer prison.

Casanova stabbed Cruz while he slept.

He pulled the sheeted body to the cellblock door. He received 12 years for this.

Dario Gonzalez

Casanova was sent to Almafuerte jail in early 2010 owing to previous offenses.
On April 24, 2010, he and his three cellmates feigned that one of them was suffering convulsions, causing the guards to unlock the cell.

They then took the guards hostage and stole their keys. Casanova opened the jail of rapist Dario Vega Gonzalez and stabbed him 10 times.

After the murder, Casanova and the others freed the guards and surrendered, showing that they wanted to kill Gonzalez, not riot.

Casanova received another life sentence for this death.

Andres Florentino Peñaloza

Kidnapping and murder convict Andres Peñaloza was 17.

He requested the Diego Casanova cell from prison authorities.

Casanova was an antisocial prisoner who had committed murders.

As a feared prisoner, Peñaloza tried to befriend him to get him to provide security.

Casanova killed Peñaloza with a bed leg pipe on May 29, 2016, after 45 days of cohabitation.

Casanova ignored this murder, focusing instead on his visitors and his blood-stained attire.

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