Kenyatta family-owned NCBA Kenya devises ways to evade paying illegally waived millions

NCBA Managing Director John Gachora, had earlier admitted that the bank benefited from a Ksh.350 million tax waiver during the merger between NIC Group PLC and Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) back in 2019.

Gachora however, said that should the court find NCBA to have contravened any tax-related law, following the waiver which has been a subject of public debate, then they will pay without hesitation.

“I want to assure the public and every Kenyan that should the court find that NCBA  Kenya was not entitled to that waiver, the day the court makes that determination, I can promise that the following day we will send a cheque of Ksh. 350 million to the exchequer,” Gachora told the media.

NCBA Kenya Intends not to pay

However, reports have indicated that the bank is devising ways to turn back in their remarks as the Ruto administration puts pressure on the bank to return what they illegally evaded.

According to reports, the bank has been accused of even trying to look for means to compromise the courts so that they don’t pay the money which will confirm that the bank illegally got the waiver.

According to sources, NCBA Kenya Managing Director John Gachora has been at the forefront, under the direction of the Kenyatta family, trying to ensure that the money is not paid.

Reports further indicate that due to the strained relationship between the president and former president Uhuru, the current administration wants to ensure that the money is paid to embarrass the bank and expose the Kenyatta family as a thieving empire

source link: Wavinya Ndeti Scandals 

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