Fingers crossed as Developer in Parklands declares site a Restricted Area, what is he up to?

Uproar as Developer in Parklands declares site a Restricted Area.

Controversial owners and developers of residential apartments along Taza Lane, Parklands have now put up a signboard at the entrance of their construction site declaring it “Restricted Area” and warning Kenyans against entering the site.

Both those seeking to see the ongoing construction and buy house units have been warned and advised to keep off the area. Casual workers in their hundreds are however being allowed to enter and work, even during very odd hours.

Declaring the area restricted comes after a Nairobi court stopped any further developments on the site following protests by area residents that the ongoing project and several others in the Parklands zone are approved, yet most of the area has no public sewer line, among other set backs.

Only the Interior Cabinet Secretary has legal authority to name and declare places “Restricted Areas” with intention to conduct specific operations.

Our crime journalist who spoke to some officials at City Hall says that the developer on this site is a very known person who works with senior county govt officers to ensure his projects are streamlined.

A Nairobi court gave orders on 25/5/2023 stopping any further development on the said site.

The name of the developer on the sign board next to the site reads “Ameey Homes Ltd”.

A section of lawyers, land and environmental activits now want Interior CS Kithure Kindiki and Defence CS Aden Duale to confirm if at all the government is aware of a Restricted Area in Parklands.

“The government needs to move with speed and take action since such activities are security threats, more so those that may be planned and disguised as developments in the now declared restricted areas.

Our journalist has also established that a casual worker died on the site a few weeks ago from a construction accident but this incident was swept under the carpet.

“Kindiki must act”, says Mike Chwele, a high court advocate who is following up with the casual worker’s death.

His co-activists have given the state 14 days to act against the new Restricted Area.

“Remember restricted areas are for security and military operations. Shakahola is a good example of a restricted area. The Parklands one may also be dangerous to the country’s security”, says Salala Tuze, an upcoming environmental activist.