How Nairobi head DPP Joseph Riungu,  has helped the vulnerable from slums to get justice

Taking advice from his boss Nordin Hajii and performing at his very best, Nairobi region head of DPP Joseph Riungu has helped the vulnerable from the Kenyan Slums to access justice without straining.

Riungu has put all the DPPs in Nairobi on task and he frequently checks on them to make sure that they perform as required.
“He is a hardworking and social man, he always gets the best from everyone and he is always at the very best in matters of justice,” said a Nairobi based lawyer.
The lawyer said that Riungu has always worked even harder in cases related to gender based violence to make sure they are properly prosecuted and justice served to the victims.
“ He is always keen while handling matters related to gender based violence, having worked at the Kibera court, Riungu knows very well how this matters occur and how to handle them, he has always fought for the victims of gender based violence,” he added.
A Nairobi based prosecutor when reached for comment said that the Nairobi head is a no non-sense man to non-performing Prosecutors.
We did not contact the Nairobi head for comment but in recent media reports, he called on use technology in the issue of justice transformation among children.
“We have such offices in Makadara, Mombasa and Kiambu, the main objective is to make sure that our children testify without suffering from victimization among other psychologically related stress,” he said.
Head of Kibera court station Jonah Meroka said the room had already handled 17 children-related cases and they ended up effectively.
“The DPP has promised us that we shall get camera lapel microphones, soft drinks and all the materials that children need for them to be peaceful as the trial continues,” he said.

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