Azimio leader:I don’t recognise Ruto as President

We do not recognize Ruto as President, Raila Odinga says

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has said they are not recognising William Ruto as a validly elected president.

Addressing his supporters at the Kamukunji grounds, Monday, Raila affirmed his stance strongly saying the presidential results were rigged.

“We do not recognise the Kenya Kwanza administration as a legitimate government and Ruto as the president or any official in his government,” Azimio leader said.

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In a hard-hitting statement, Raila also called on Kenyans to reject the promises made by the government saying it is resorting to despondency.

“We are asking Kenyans to resist the punitive taxes on common products by this regime,” he noted.

A forensic audit of the IEBC results, he said, must be undertaken and that it was unnegotiable.

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He affirmed the revelations by a ‘whistleblower’ that they won by over two million votes.

“Since August 15, we have conducted our investigations and we are convinced we were robbed of our victory…our opponents beat us only in some regions in the Rift Valley,” he said.

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The IEBC, the Supreme Court, some foreign nations and the companies contracted by IEBC, he added, were central in the rigging of the elections.

Narc-Kenya leader Martha Karua urged their supporters across the country to remain hopeful. Karua said despite being robbed of their victory they would not let go of their dream.

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“Let us not our dream die…we know we still have hopes and it is possible,” Karua said.

Other leaders who were accompanying Raila at the rally included Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper), Eugene Wamalwa (DP), George Wajackoyah (Roots party), Jeremiah Kioni(Jubilee) and Wycliffe Oparanya among several other elected leaders.

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