Stivo Simple Boy loses his dad

Stivo Simple Boy has lost his biological dad as revealed in a new post shared on his page earlier today. From what he wrote is that he is grateful to his management who have been handling his social media pages the past few days allowing him to spend time with his family now that they lost their dad.


Although he did not details of what led to his dad’s passing – all he did was announce the news and also thank his fans for standing with him since day 1. He wrote;

Kwanza ningependa kuwashukuru kwa walioshughulikia account yangu ya Instagram na ningependa sana kuwaambia mashabiki wangu kwamba nimepata msiba wa kumpoteza baba yangu mzazi Anthony Adera. Ni uchungu sana kumpoteza mzazi ila naomba mniombee na mnisapoti kwenye wakati huu mgumu.



In need of financial help?

Well now that his old man is no more – I guess this means Stivo Simple is now expected to step in as the breadwinner and having heard that he doesnt make much thanks to his team…allegedly…I cant help but ask myself how he will carter for the burial or for his siblings now that he is a celebrity.

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Asking why I think he may need financial support? Well there’s a part he wrote;

 Naomba mniombee na mnisapoti kwenye wakati huu mgumu.

Well – it’s obvious our boy is indeed of help and although he can’t directly ask for it…..clearly he wants fans to support him where they can.

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