Little known Kisii schools fight from the shadows to register good scores 

Students speak of ambition for medicine, architecture and law

A signicant number of little known schools appeared to quickly climb from the shadows to cause major upsets on popular major academic giants in Kisii.

Some though are former giants wrestling their way after years of slumber

At Cardinal Otunga Mosocho for instance there were jubilation after it emerged the second overall best in the Country.

Nyambari in Nyamira registered the best 10. 8975 points to emerge the top best.

In Nyamira, both Gekano Boys and Gekano Girls appeared to be on the great mend, this time, sending candidates in droves to university.

There were similar improvements in Nyamagwa Boys, Amasege SDA, Moi Gesusu, Nyakongo and Amabuko. high schools.

Some, like Nyamagwa Boys are all former giants and which had been groping in the dark for decades.

Nyamagwa, Amasago, the Gekanos and Cardinal Otunga Mosocho are all Catholic sponsored schools.

They had in the recent years been fighting for admitions into the old league of top performers in the country.

Kisii School, a traditional powerful house registered in. 9..12 in the mean score to place itself among the country’s top.

Major upsets, however, came from Mobamba Secondary, a Quack church managed institution in Masaba South which, against all odds registered an impressive mean of 9.284 to torpedo giants off the cliff.

There were great celebrations at St Paul’s Igonga, also a Catholic run school tuckedin s small shopping town in Bonchari.

It registered a strong of 10.24 to record the most improved score.

Most candidates spoke of medicine, architecture and others law.

Ezra Ntabo, of Maranda, was at their Kabosi home in Nyaribari Chache.

He narrated of his journey to academic success after he scored 83 points of the possible 84.

It was a similar tale for Kevin Omariba of Igonga who scored an A plain of 82

At Igonga, School Principal Masese Ngaosi said though missing out on most important things required to enhance learning, they put their best feet forward.

At Cardinal Mosocho, Principal Owino Chrispinus spoke of a deliberate investment of effort since his ‘delocalization’ to the school five years ago.

The performance, he said, mirrors the dogged efforts by a determined staff and students to bring the school back from oblivion

At Amasege in Keroka, principal Robinson Matara said they had 8.1 in the mean score with most of its 215 students all getting slots at the university.

He, however, cautioned idle youth who are quick to dismiss the efforts of teachers in Gusii schools.

School heads in the region are always hard working and thus the results registered across schools are a result of unwavering efforts.

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