Mudavadi welcomes debt swab program by UN

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi on Thursday welcomed a proposal by the World Food Programme dubbed Debt Swab.

The initiative aims at reducing debt stress and allowing governments to focus more on socio-economic challenges.

This is after he met with the World Food Programme Country Director for Kenya Lauren Landis at his Treasury offices in Nairobi.

Musalia said the meeting focused on key areas of mutual collaboration and cooperation that will help the Kenyan government attain sustainable food security.

“Debt swaps provide opportunities for raising capital in low-income countries to address environmental and other policy challenges and support green growth,” he said.

Musalia said the programme will aid Kenya in reducing foreign debt stress.

Additionally, it will in turn help the government focus more on improving agricultural growth by supporting local farmers to increase food production for Kenya to become more food secure.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary encouraged WFP to increase its presence and visibility in Kenya by increasing the purchase of food and other items from local farmers at good and favourable global market rates.

He also asked WFP to help Kenya deal with grain storage challenges.

“Once addressed, Kenya will be able to minimize post-harvest losses that come as a result of unscientific storage, grain attack by insects, rodents and microorganisms,” he said.

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Musalia said that the Lamu Port project can be used as the logistic hub in the context of food supply in the horn of Africa region where the drought situation has escalated.

Musalia agreed to foster cordial working relationships that will assist in boosting Kenya’s partnership with WFP.

WFP is the largest world humanitarian organization in line with Kenya’s economic recovery agenda.

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