Six months later, what is your plan? – Ngunyi asks Ruto

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has now questioned President William Ruto’s plan for the country six months after his inauguration.

In a statement on Thursday, Ngunyi said he is yet to see any plan but was quick to add that his deductions could be wrong.

He further said Ruto is too smart to not have a definite agenda.

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“Dear Ruto: This is your 6th month as President. It is 10 per cent of your first term. Do you have a plan? I see none. But I could be wrong,” he said.

Ngunyi wondered if the changes that have been made in the government so far were the plan.

“Taxes, removing subsidies, a technically incompetent cabinet etc. Is this the plan? You are more clever than this. 6 months later, What is your plan?” he posed.

Since he was sworn in as Kenya’s fifth president in September 2022, Ruto has done away with food and fuel subsidies.

In his maiden speech, the President said the country’s economy could not sustain consumption subsidies in the coming months.

“We are not going to be subsidizing consumption, we are going to work and support producers,”  Ruto said, announcing the unga subsidy removal.

On Monday, in what has been termed a political war, Ruto said all Kenyans must pay taxes irrespective of their social status.

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Speaking during the National Assembly Post-Election Seminar in Mombasa on Monday, he accused chief opposition leader Raila Odinga and his allies in the Azimio camp of resorting to demonstrations in a bid to avoid paying taxes.

“Even if they sponsor demonstrations so that they don’t pay taxes, I want to promise them, they will pay tax. There is no more exception,” Ruto said.

He maintained that his administration was building a society where every citizen carries their fair share of the burden to raise taxes.

“I’m not talking about additional taxes, I’m talking about taxes that have been agreed upon by parliament and signed into law,” Ruto added.

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