Risky Move! Wangari Thiong’o Getting Pregnant For Jimal Will Just Bring Her Premium Tears

Jimal Roho Safi is doing contrary to his nick name. There’s no cleanliness in his heart for trading his first wife with side chicks without her consent.
The flamboyant businessman has this time been on the spotlight for being in a romantic relationship with a girl identified as Wangari Thiong’o. Worse, he has reportedly impregnated her.
After Wangari took to her social media to celebrate her pregnancy, Jimal wasn’t tardy to congratulate her.
“So much to be grateful for,” The soon-to-be mother of two said, “You deserve it and much more.” Jimal congratulated her.
Wangari Thiong’o, shared that she is expecting her second child but did not reveal any details about the father. Reports have it that Jimal is behind the pregnancy because of the latter reason. Further, Jimal’s love for hotties is quite evident; considering he has loads of cash to woo them.

Risky Move

By now, we’re well aware about Jimal’s despicable behaviour, especially with women. He’s a walking red flag- probably a philanderer who doesn’t give a damn on what his wife thinks about him having side chicks. For this reason, Wangari is preparing to be taken for a ride. Eventually, we all know that Jimal is just leading her on. If the pregnancy is his, it’s high time she cuts him off before he cuts him off. Either way, it’s only a matter of time before we fathom who the real father is.


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