I will lower unga prices to Sh120, give us time,said ruto

President William Ruto has said his administration will lower the price of Unga to Sh120 but they need time to do that.

Speaking during the commissioning of the Nairobi River, Ruto said government has tried its best in lowering the cost of living in the country.


“Bei ya unga ilikua Sh230, sai tumeteremsha hadi Sh180, kwa hivyo mtupee nafasi bei iteremke hadi Sh140, mpaka wakati itafika Sh120,” he said.

(When we took over the government, the price of Unga was Sh230, my government has worked towards lowering it and it’s now at Sh180. Soon the price of unga will be Sh140 and later reduced to Sh120)

Ruto also said he inherited debts from the administration of Retired President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Walituwacha na madeni kibao, karibu inchi yetu iteleze, saa hizi tumeanza kupunguza madeni,” he said.

(The previous administration left us with a lot of debts, our country was going down the drains, and my administration has tried its best to repay the debts)

As of August 2022, the cost of living in Kenya climbed to a five-year high soaring food and fuel prices as well as the cost of home equipment and appliances.

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) showed a measure of cost of living over the last 12 months rose by 20 basis points to 8.5 per cent up from 8.3 per cent in July.

It marks the third month in a row that the year-on-year cost of living measure crossed the upper limit target of 7.5 percent, a trend last witnessed five years when the country went to the presidential polls.

The inflation rate in August was the highest since June 2017 when it hit 9.21 percent.

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