LQBTIQ Agents Covertly Infiltrate Kenya School Drama And Music Festivals To Indoctrinate Children

There is growing disquietness among teachers in Kenya after they observed a pattern of LGBTQ content being introduced in the annual drama and music festivals for schools.

This unbecoming behavior has been noted to be rampant in Nyanza and Nairobi schools.

The Ministry of Education has allowed individuals who are not teachers but have technical knowledge in drama, theatre, film, and music training to seek contractual employment with schools.

These individuals who are supposed to adhere to the laid code of teachers are left to be with children without strict supervision from the school management.

The trainers end up grooming children to perpetuate agenda that could be outside the curriculum of education.

Murmurs within drama festivals have pointed at known trainers who groom children to be homosexuals or lesbians and then recruit them into LGBTQ societies.

Some of the drama trainers are known within the top committee of the festivals but no attempt has been taken to warn headteachers to be careful with them.

In one performance by Dagoretti High School in Nairobi, the boys who were groomed to dramatize like girls were obviously awfully groomed to the chagrin of the audience.

“We don’t discourage boys to dramatize female roles but there are certain boundaries and mannerisms that should just be left with girls.” said a source who watched the drama by Dagoretti boys.

Another source who is a parent at Maseno School in Nyanza raised concern about the level of which drama by Maseno School has been trained.

“My son was in one of the drama. I knew this during the half-term break. I began noticing queuer mannerisms from my son. He was walking, talking and gesturing like a female. His sister asked him if he is normal and why he was behaving this way, that’s when he disclosed that he is an actor and was advised to behave this way so that he doesn’t forget the moves.”

But when our source checked his son’s social media, he was shocked to meet offensive messages bordering on anal sex.

He has since transferred his son to a different school after his complaints to the school were unattended.

It has also been noted that LGBTQ activists are silently funding schools that are dramatizing content that promotes transgender ideologies.

The trainers, students, and headteachers are given luxurious treats by these subtle institutions to encourage them to “talk more openly” about transgender ideologies.

Some LGBTQ institutions are funding the organization of drama by donating trophies, certificates and allowances for the organizers of the fete.

It is apparent that headteachers and education officials are not scrutinizing the content of these performances.

The LGBTQI content will leave irreparable ramifications on the lives of the children including indoctrination, brainwashing, and gender affirmation.

The Ministry of Education appears silent on this issue that is threatening to rip apart the social fabric of our society.

The president has made it clear that homosexuality and its ideals are not welcome in Kenya.

The 2023 drama and music festivals for schools and colleges will be held in Mombasa from April 20th to 30th.

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