Nasra Yusuf Is Single & Lonely

Comedienne Nasra Yusuf is grappling to find love after her fall-out with her ex-hubby Rashid. Despite being in a relationship for years, the two decided to go their separate ways.

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Marriage Gone Wrong

Nasra confirmed her break up in a long post on Instagram. She shared that her five year marriage wasn’t easy and they have been dealing with a couple of issues for a long time.

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Nasra added that it has taken her time to admit that her marriage is over. She recalled crying herself to sleep, being in denial and regrets over her failed marriage.

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Desperate For Love

Recently, Nasra took to her socials to hit on Bien after he was on the spotlights in tandem with his wife Chiki Kuruka after she shoved off a woman who was grinding on him. Without a doubt, Bien is among the numerous male celebrities who are being crushed on by several women. And Nasra happens to be one of them. She wrote on her Instagram;

”Na huyu Bien anajuanga mi ni manzi yake kweli?”

The revelation means that Nasra is desperately looking for love. Just like Bien, Nasra believed in being in an ‘open relationship’ with her ex Rashid. But things didn’t work out. The bottomline is, Nasra is a sucker for love and she’s willing to give love a 2nd shot.

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