Will Akothee’s Daughters Follow Her Footsteps Despite Being Successful?

Self-proclaimed President of single mothers Esther Akoth is celebrating her daughter Fancy Makadia for being the latest graduate in her household.

The mother of one has emotionally narrated how her divorce immensely affected her daughter Makadia while she was still young.

”This is one of my children who was terribley affected by my divorce ???, prudence was tight with her father
@fancy_makadia stopped seeing her father at the age of 4 , she couldn’t understand why she doesn’t see her father nor talk to him? On several occasions I had to buy sim card ,switch it off and pretend to be calling her father , I lied Alot to cover the pain, Ohh Dad has travelled to Rwanda he is not in the country , because at this time her father had moved on with another family and our phone calls were bothering him. The feed backs were hurting so I could not tell the kids He doesn’t want to talk to us. When I met papa Ojwang ,Prudence was still young and needed a father , but hey Papa Never wanted a child that is not his to call him DAD ???. HE Told me clearly, I am not their father my son is Ojwang ??? you know the Name DAD Comes with responsibility which he dint want . So when I met DOMINIQUE Wuon Oyoo ? he embraced my Children and @fancy_makadia found a DAD .She was and still is Dominic’s favorite child from my children ? If we want something from Dad we send prudence before Oyoo was born ???

Akothee continued to narrate how successful Makadia has become despite the hardships.

”I took her to braeburn after we realized she was being bullied in Ulanda girls ,she is a soft spoken girl, with very few words . She finalised her form 6 in braeburn and I took her to France ,I was afraid she is too fragile to survive in Kenya. I admitted her in a language school in France for a year before she joined University where she has graduated with Bachelors degree in Tourism & hotel management
She already secured a job and doing her masters now ?
My Daughter has made me Soo proud that I couldn’t keep this story .
The journey of master your life.

Akothee is among the numerous single mums who have thrived in making their children successful. But her antics in hopping from one man to another is obnoxious. Her daughters might end up following her footsteps; replacing men here & there. She should re-consider her behaviour for the sake of her children.

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