GBV- Society Being Hard On Men Than Women

As most people would purport, ‘mwanaume ni kuvumilia’. It’s a stereotypical statement that most people maintain to make men feel like they shouldn’t exhibit their emotions; unlike women.

To put things into perspective, it’s not peculiar for Gender-Based violence to occur to men. But how seriously is it taken when it comes to men being the victims? It’s in black & white that not much is done

A good example is comedian 2 Mbili’s case.

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The brutal assault on the YouTuber by his baby mama has sparked uproar and discussions about violence against men.

2Mbili recorded a video of himself all bloody in the face as he explained he had been beaten silly by his baby mama.

The video was shared online by Kiss FM presenter Obinna who said the YouTuber has been enduring domestic violence for a long time.

Men On The Receiving End

Similarly, legendary radio presenter Shaffie was fired from radio over remarks which was translated to taunting women. The veteran media personality, however, revealed that he was fired not necessarily because of his blunt commentary but rather something deeper and much more complicated.

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Comedian YY contributed to the latter paramount conversation; claiming that men are being discriminated.

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