Proper Masculinity- Kevin Mboya Is An Epitome Of How Easy It Is For Men To Move On Quickly

Kevin Mboya shook social media after his failed attempt of surprising his girlfriend: who resided in Kwale. He traveled from Nairobi to Kwale on Thursday, January 26, with flowers to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday.
The story went viral on Twitter, making him an overnight internet sensation.
However, when Mboya reached Kwale, his girlfriend rejected his flowers and told him she was not interested in him anymore. Mboya shared a video after returning to Nairobi, stating he was emotionally disturbed; he also thanked his fans.

The young man had planned to travel & surprise his girlfriend with a bunch of flowers on her birthday without letting her know.

But he ended up being surprised instead.

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Moving On

Despite the embarrassing moment, Mboya has already found someone else to love. Mboya recently unveilled his newly found love; depicting that he had already moved on after the nasty rejection from the person he loved dearly.

From this, we can discern that Mboya didn’t really value the girlfriend as such. In just a matter of days, Mboya has already bagged himself a new catch. Anyway, for men, it seems like it’s always easy peasy for them to replace their loved ones

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