Jalango expresses disappointment after members of Azimio Party bullied him in Machakos

Media personality and politican Felix Jalango Oduor who is a member of Azimio was earlier today denied access to a retreat meeting his party was having in Machakos.

As you have might have heard already, Jalango was allegedly blocked from accessing the entrance and had to wait until Baba aka Raila Ondinga walked in – then luckily Babu Owino intervened hence giving Jalas access.

With the news of the drama already circulating online like wild fire – rumors have it that Azimio leaders feel betrayed by Jalas – who went against the orders of his leaders who had refused attending a meeting scheduled by President William Ruto.


For this reason – he automatically became a traitor to Azimio….but in his defense – Jalango says the meeting was a must attend because people from Langata constituency who have need solutions to problems facing them….and since they trusted him with their votes – he couldn’t just miss out because the leaders have issues.

Jalango speaks

Speaking shortly after the meeting, Felix Jalango Oduor went on to open up on the harassment he suffered in the hands of his own political party saying;

I feel bad that I have been kicked out of the meeting.

But unlike other politicians who would have magnified the situation by playing victim – Jalango says he will not be bullied out of the party just because he is serving kenyans by attending meetings called by president William Ruto of UDA.

I’m still in Azimio and ODM. I will not apologise for meeting with President (Ruto) on development issues.

It’s however unclear as whether this is a political public stunt or just beef between Baba and Jalango – he thought would follow his every command. But again – this is Kenya and without such drama from our leaders….we tend to forget them.

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