Jalang’o is learning that politics doesn’t end after winning elections

Jalang’o proved all his detractors from when he won the Lang’ata parliamentary seat. And this victory flew in the face of not just naysayers but political pundits who felt it was a stretch for the comedian and radio personality to achieve his political ambitions.

Jalang’o In Hot Soup After Attending Meeting With Ruto At Statehouse

Since then he has been active both in parliament and on social media consulting coaching headlines especially given that the political faction is aligned to which failed to clinch the presidential seat has begun to rumble and shake seeking to offer robust opposition to government policies that it claims are responsible for the soaring cost of living.


Jalang’o recently found himself on the outs after he went to visit Ruto at State House as this was seen as a move that was contrary to the popular stars within the party. Seen as a renegade not just by fellow Azimio politicians but grassroots supporters as well.

Jalang’o Addresses Way Forward After Clinching Lang’ata MP Seat

This has been quite the learning curve for the comedian as he is now finding out that in Kenya politics and politicking do not come to an end once one is announced the winner in whatever respective race they were participating in.

Kenyan radio presenter, actor and MC, Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o

He was probably of the mindset that he’d get to Office and change the way politics have been done in the past. Jalang’o probably thought that once elected he would do everything and anything within his power to ensure his constituents get the best out of there sitting member of parliament. However, he’s quickly learning that that is not the case.


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What next for Kiss100 after Jalang’o exit?

You have to tow your party line and that means sometimes you have to seek Direction on where the party starts with regard to certain actions. That makes it a very complex task for sitting and Peace to serve their constituents as they have to constantly consult the ” powers that be” within their respective political parties.

Jalang’o is learning that so he might have won the elections he could easily lose if he loses the ever-shifting support which is loyal not to the politician but to the political party. As such were ODM to rescind air ticket from him he’d have to file a fresh in a by-election and he might not have the popular support he enjoyed while a member of the party.

Still, it is a great thing to see that though most of his detractors had written him off as merely a stooge, he clearly has his own brain and is his own man.

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