Jimal Rohosafi announces he is deeply in love with his employee, Wangari Thiongo

Weuh. Finally Valentines Day is here – a special day that will remind side chics of their rightful places but for some reason – this years Valentines has the said ‘side chics’ replacing goat wives….and the perfect example is Jimal Rohosafi’s household.

Wangari Thiongo

Well you see – Jimal Rohosafi has always wanted to have 2 wives and this is how he got involved with Amber Ray….a move that forced his wife, Amira to pack and leave….or rather get involved with other guys – and just like that a relationship of over 10 years went down the drain.


Anyway – from my point of view is that both Jimal and Amira have been over each other for years…but since they were husband and wife…the two kept forcing the relationship until they both couldn’t take it anymore. I mean it happens, right? And just because our parents taught us ‘perseverance’ saves and makes a happy marriage….I think the number of GBV we have witnessed says the opposite.

Jimal in love

Anyway – now that it’s confirmed Jimal will never reconcile with Amira…maybe.
..we seem to have a reason as to his rushed decision and that is he met someone new.

Not really new – but it appears Jimal had been having an affair with employee Wangari Thiongo who is also expecting their first child together….and i really want to say ladies…need a promotion, then take notes…but again this is an old trick that only works for the not so smart men who fish or rather sh!t where they eat…..which why most women no longer pull the Wangari Thiongo stunt.

However…dont get me wrong…I am not judging nor pointing fingers because at the end of the day Jimal is in love. Announcinf this through his social media pages – the fella wrote;

Nilisema nitapenda after three years na nikama imenda haraka.❤️ #hiimenda

And in response, Wangari Thiongo wrote;

We are celebrating more than our Valentine’s, the best decision we ever made was having you ❤️. #happyanniversarymylove

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