Obinna’s baby mama granted custody of their two girls

I remember the last time we talked about Obinna is when he revealed that he pays his baby mamas to allow him access to his kids? Well, maybe he said it as a joke or maybe at the time the situation was just casual….wacha nikutumie pesa ya uber na snacks kabla nikujie watoto….but being the person he is – he made it seem like a big deal where he pays thousands of cash to these baby mamas.

Obinna with his kids

At some point, Obinna had even mentioned that he now lives with his kids since he is the sole provider – and having the baby mamas not contribute to anything meant the kids were only his….but not until recently when the law was dragged into the coparenting mess.


Well you see after the nasty online battle Obinna had with one of his baby mamas – Mama Adalola….it appears she filed a case in family court asking for custody of her two young girls living with their dad and no female to guide them. And of course with their mum alive….i don’t see why she being denied the right to raise her girls.

Mum granted custody

As you may assume – shortly after the online beef between Obinna and Mama Adalola – I’m guessing she was banned from seeing her kids which is why the family court got involved.

Anywayafter years push and pull with Obinna…. mama Adalola was finally granted custody of her girls….and this time around Obinna will not only be paying their rent but school fees, medical and every other bill required to take care of the girls…..and unlike before when Mama Adalola would beg for the help – this time around the court is taking it out of the fellas pocket whether he likes it or not.

Well I cant say that Obinna was happy with the decision but again…I feel like he may have spoken the words into his life that day he bragged about paying his baby mamas off….and now, he will be doing it for real.

Also I feel that he may have lost custody judging from how he has been bad mouthing his baby mama all over social media…. thinking maybe she wouldn’t take him anywhere…but he didn’t know is that sometimes as much as you know people at the top….sometimes you can’t buy every judge out there.

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