The most powerful lesson we learn from Kamene Goro

Enough time has lapsed since Kamene Goro left her job at Kiss100 “mutual consent” so we can as well talk about the most powerful lesson we should all learn from her predicament as it is something that will save many young professionals even as they climb the corporate ladder.

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When she was interviewed one of the things that was not addressed was whether or not it was true that part of her issues with the management at Radio Africa was down to the fact that she would constantly be absent claiming illness only for her to be seen to have been at an event via her own social media account.

Kamene Goro flaunting ring

To understand why this would be an issue for Kamene Goro, one has to understand that beyond have been a radio personality she was also an influencer. And as part of her hustles she would often promote parties on her page. So whenever she would claim to be sick and her managers with see that she was at an event perhaps in Nakuru or Naivasha or Mombasa conflict would arise.


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So essentially what happened was that she chose to prioritise her side hustles over the job that truly gave her and afforded and her lifestyle and fame.

Ms Kamene Goro

And the lesson everyone can learn from Kamene Goro is to prioritise. You cannot use to “chase the bag” by focusing on your side hustles when what you should really be focusing on is your job. In essence, what she did was to neglect her source of income for the gigs that were meant to finance the luxuries she enjoys.

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And this is truly a challenge for young people who are in the entertainment industry because not only is your job considered fun but the side hustles that are open to them are often just as entertaining if not more; it’s like being paid to party.

Kamene Goror-IG

But ultimately I will use some advice that applies to me and my bros which is; never focus on the side missions at the expense of the main quest patient.

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