Harmonize now wishes he heed to mum’s advice on dumping Kajala

Just the other day Harmonize shared a cryptic message telling us that one of his ex girlfriend’s dumped him as soon as he went broke….and having not mentioned which ex he was talking about – fans somehow concluded he was talking about Kajala.

Maybe because we have heard of stories where the actress, Kajala uses her daughter to make money or is known to mingle with men who she uses then leaves when there is no money left. But like i said earlier – Konde Boy did not name which ex he was accusing of gold digging him for his wealth.


Then a few days later – we get a similar post from him talking about how his mum warned him against marrying a lady he was engaged to…(and i am like THAT MUST BE KAJALA FOR SURE) but for some reason he never paid attention until reality smacked him on the face so hard that he started seeing the whole b*llcrap.

Sometimes, a mother may prevent you from doing something and sometimes you might think this woman doesn’t love you

Harmonize on regrets

From what he wrote, Harmonize insisted that at the time he was deep in love and couldn’t let any negative stories ruin his relationship with his fiance….however like always – his mum had already noticed Kajala wasnt right for her son…and this is why she kept asking him not to go through with the wedding.

When you are deep in love, you might not see what a mother is trying to prevent you from. I almost married someone, F love. Someone who is a parent, please listen to them even if they are not your parent. Single Boy


You might think you know everything but a mother’s eye sees the truth.

Protective mum

Well, i know many women complain about having controlling mother in laws who are always poking their noses into their sons businesses…but what they forget is that – a mother may be wrong (very few btw) but is always right….not always but most of the time.

Like in Harmonize’s case – the mum knew the fella needs more time to heal from his first failed marriage, then let go of the pain he carries around following ugly exit from wasafi….and the many other battles he is battling off social media….before settling down with someone’s daughter.

I mean, its evident Harmonize needs therapy and needs redirection from the person he has become….and as much as we kept insisting he needs to talk to a professional – the guy couldnt listen until his mum’s words on Kajala turned out to be true.

But again….love is a gamble and problem is – you can never predict the outcome even when its already obvious to those watching it from the sidelines. Now Harmonize, get some therapy.

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