Anerlisa Muigai’s expose on ex boyfriend confirms men are the new Gold Diggers

Anerlisa Muigai:For years women have been branded gold diggers and i say this because its something that is still there in our society and I’ll prove this. Let me ask you, what comes in mind whenever you come around an old white man in the company of a young African lady?

Wait dont answer because I aready know what youre thinking…so yea exactly my point. But again – we judge forgetting everyone is entitled to live their lives as they please…and whether a gold digger or not – how is that your problem.


Anyway now that we have established women have been carrying the title gold diggers for years…. turns out – like i said – its not such a bad thing after all because….look, men too are doing it and from what i have learnt from Anerlisa (we are getting to her story shortly) is that men suck at gold digging.

Hahah not that i am proud….but come on…just because we (meaning women) say what a man can do, a woman can do better – means men can have that too.

Ms Anerlisa

Anerlisa exposes entitled ex

Well just recently Anerlisa Muigai shared a video showing what turns her off about a man and from the footage….(we see a woman cleaning after some crazy mess done in the kitchen by husband) and to caption – Aner wrote:

The nonsense I cannot tolerate. No excuse. You must clean up. They hate it when I do these rules in the house.

Most can’t handle it for a year, so I show them the door. That’s just me, sorry. I get there is a house help, but it is only me who put the rule off. If you are the last one out of bed, you must make it.

Then Aner went on to follow up with a juicy detailed post of an ex who used to demand her ATM passwords and was too nosy – poking his nose in family matters that didnt concern him.

I have come to gather that most of the relationships fail because of (out of my experience) lack of respect, feeling entitled to the other person’s things/life.

There is this relationship I was in where the guy started to even asking me to show him my ATM pin, also when I was talking to my family especially my mum, he wanted to hear and be part of the conversation. Like dude, I have some personal things that need to be shared and discussed only with my family.

Wait….nani huyo ameshout shout Ben Pol hapo nyuma? Anyway since we are not doing names for now….at least yall can see why these millennium men are failing at keeping their wealthy women. No?

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