Can Jalang’o survive if Raila dumps him like garbage?

Jalang’o seems to be on the outs with regard to his political party ODM which is a member of the Coalition called Azimio. For some reason, he decided to act completely illiterate and obtuse to Kenyan politics when he was hosted by President Ruto.


Was Jalang’o Right To Meet Ruto?

The first wave of backlash came from the grassroots supporters of the political parties who felt he had crossed a line that should not have been crossed. Not only did they voice their opposition to his decision but some even tried to buy him from attending and Azimio meeting held in Machakos County.

Jalang’o seems to be having a terrible week as it was capped off by his own party’s leader declaring him a traitor and challenging him and the rest of the law and Peace who went to state house to resign from their party and seek a fresh mandate from the electorate.

Jalang’o is learning that politics doesn’t end after winning elections

This raises the question of whether or not the former comedian who won his seat as the member of parliament for Lang’ata constituency of his own merit or to the blessing of Raila Odinga’s party ODM. And for us to understand this dilemma we need we need to first acknowledge the fact that the party didn’t even want to give him a ticket after he won its nomination process.



Jalang’o had to fight against the powers that be within the Coalition has we had a preferred candidate whom they felt was a shipping for the position but he caused a huge upset when he won the nomination process. They realised that he was the popular choice and they was stuck with him so they quickly walked back the decision to deny him his nomination certificate.

Jalang’o Addresses Way Forward After Clinching Lang’ata MP Seat

That is actually his ace in the hole. The fact that he has proven once that he can defy the party successfully shows that he actually stands a chance at decamping from his favoured party now that he is considered a traitor and he could still re-clinch the seat.

Celebrated media personality, Jalang’o

That’s why my advice to him is for him to begin to seriously consider doing just that because at some point, Jalang’o need to understand that he would be in better standing as an independent candidate rather than an ODM member of parliament because they are certain party lines he must to. Own party leaders come out to state that he expect nothing short of full loyalty which too many reads as a declaration of desire for sycophancy.

Avoid Married Men- Jalang’o & Kamene Goro Advice Young Girls With Sponsors (Video)

If indeed Jalang’o believes that he’s there to serve his constituents and not the party then he needs to put his money where his mouth is and resign from the party and openly defy them in the field of battle as he converses for votes. It might be too soon for him to do so now, however. Maybe he should bide his time and in a year after he has managed to launch and execute several projects for his constituency, he can go full renegade.

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