Diana Marua Reveals What Led To Her Relationship Downfall With Yvette Obura, Bahat’s Baby Mama

Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua and Yvette Obura have opened up on their previous relationship before deciding to bury the hatchet and cordially coexist.


The two women who were used to showering each other with love messages sparked their bitterness last year, after Diana ignored Mueni on her 7th birthday. Diana Marua failed to recognize Mueni’s birthday a

On social media, Diana and Yvette Obura no longer follow each other.

Yvette Obura and Diana Bahati

Diana Marua had previously opened up on being jealous about Yvette’s relationship with Bahati during their early days of dating. She divulged that she wasn’t happy with her posting about Bahati on social media.

“The first time I got to hear about you guys was on social media. You had posted something about being each other’s prayer partners. I just asked myself, what is happening? When you had your things going on, I had just given birth, the baby was still very young, I’m a first-time mom and fresh from a break up. I sat and thought to myself, how fast did he meet someone? I mean what happened?” she said.

The mother of three recently insinuated that Yvette is ungrateful and bitter while she was responding to an inquisitive fan. This is the reason for their relationship downfall. Check screenshot below;

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