Rainbow baby: Kabu’s hint they are expecting baby number 3 months after miscarriage

The Kabu’s have lately been keeping a low profile on their private life but this is only because they once embrassed themselves with airing the problems they were facing in their marriage…and since then – we rarely see them active on social media like before.



I guess I can also say this ugly part of their lives helped them mature as both partners and parents….which is why we are no longer seeing the dramatic side of their lives.

Mrs Sarah Kabu

With that said, the two are believed to be expecting their 3rd child together – and for those who may not be aware….this is actually Sarah Kabu’s 4th pregnancy since she lost the 3rd one a few months ago and from the reports shared online – turns out they were expecting twins.

Baby onboard

However a few months later and Sarah Kabu has a bun in the oven – and this was confirmed by many womb watchers who spotted the baby bump in a new video shared by Simon Kabu.

Kabu on the other hand couldn’t contain his happiness as he is seen ‘petting’ his wife’s growing baby bump – and the smile on his face, says it all.

Kabu’s expecting baby number 3

If indeed they have a baby on a way – chances are that this will be their last born…I mean – with their age, I guess adding more babies will just slow them down since they are also aging.

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